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Your current situation

Total customers 0
Avg. customer LTV £0
New customers from referral 0
Value of referral customers £0
Spend p/p £0
Value of spend £0
Customers lost p/a 0
Annualised loss £0

Increase new customer conversion

Customers who make a referral

Increase customer value

Customer churn

The result from minor adjustments

Total customers 0
Value of new customers 0
New customers from referral 0
Value of referral customers 0
Additional spend p/p £0
Value of additional spend 0
Customers lost p/a 0
Newly retained revenue 0

Total revenue increase


But how do you increase referrals & spend while decreasing churn?

With a customer loyalty and reward programme from Propello. On average, our clients increase referrals by 3%, increase spend by 7% and reduce churn by 5%.

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Attract & Retain More Customers With A Loyalty Reward Programme

A reward-driven loyalty platform with access to rewards from thousands of partner brands & zero-effort programme management.

Instantly Launch & Manage A Customer Loyalty Programme With An End-To-End Solution

  • Propello Platform

    Launch Your Customer Reward Portal Without Code

    White label loyalty platform that feels like your own and an API-based Reward Engine to configure & trigger incentives.

  • Propello Management

    Manage Your Programme Without Disrupting Your Marketing Team

    Zero-effort programme launch & management with ongoing marketing support.