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Convert more customers and reduce your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

Acquiring new customers is one of the most expensive budget lines for any business, and has been increasing steadily in a more crowded digital space. In this crowded market, it’s hard to differentiate and create a high-value proposition.

This means new customers are typically acquired using tactics that involve an introductory price or discount and therefore this reduces long-term margin and profitability. With Propello, we can help you convert more of the customers you engage without the need for discount-led acquisition tactics.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your own website, platform or app, our conversion solutions will help you reduce your customer acquisition costs using highly engaging branded incentives that drive personal affinity.

Propello helps maximise your marketing budgets with better conversion rates. Increase your value proposition and differentiate from competitors with highly personalised incentives at key stages in the customer journey. Use branded partner incentives rather than offering discounts to maintain higher long-term margins.

Key benefits of customer acquisition and conversion optimisation programme

Reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC)

The cost of acquiring traffic is always on the rise, so ensuring your proposition works as hard as possible to convert more visitors is essential for maximising your marketing budget.
Small incremental gains at each stage in the funnel can have macro effects on overall profitability

Scalable and risk-free with predictable ROI

Paying only when customers convert means a scalable-risk free solution with low operational cost and highly efficient full programme automation

Protect brand equity and protect long-term margin

Discounting your own products and services sets a precedent for future pricing, often leading to lower brand equity and higher churn rates once the discount period is over

Personalised and engaging solution leading to higher NPS and LTV

By engaging customers early on in the funnel with personalised offers we will create more engaged customers, leading to better Net Promoter Score (NPS) and higher lifetime value

Use cases

Although incentives can be used to drive acquisition and increase conversions in all types of businesses, the highest ROI will be generated with a recurring revenue business model, such as a contract, subscription or membership-based application.

With Propello you can:

  • Influence purchasing decisions at key stages of the funnel
  • Upsell to premium options
  • Launch win-back campaigns
  • Drive more sign-ups and applications
  • Incentivise data capture and feedback
  • Subscription, Contract, License & Membership-based businesses
  • Retail & Ecommerce based businesses
  • Hospitality, Entertainment & Travel sector businesses
  • Brands with high emotional loyalty
  • Companies focusing on high adoption rate and community building

Success stories

“Using Propello has unlocked huge value for our members, with Premium Plus+ membership subscriptions having reached an all-time high.”

Jake Bird

Head of Marketing
JD Sports Gyms

“By digitising our brand to brand partnerships, Propello has enabled HelloFresh to increase concurrent barter exchange relationships, which has expanded our brand reach by over 500%.”

Louise Branth

Head of Commercial Partnerships

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