Transactional earn & burn loyalty programmes

Boost repeat business with value-driven programmes

Launch transactional earn & burn loyalty programmes that deliver immediate value, drive repeat business and reward your most valuable customers.

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Launch effective transactional loyalty programmes that drive repeat behaviour

When you think about loyalty programmes, “Earn & Burn” or “Points Based” transactional programmes are typically the type of initiative that spring to mind.

As a loyalty format that has been around the longest, Earn & Burn programmes have become so commonplace, that creating a point of difference to cut through the noise can be challenging.

There are also common pitfalls to avoid, which often will have the counter effect on loyalty. All too often brands design programmes that disengage members by introducing too many complexities, such as tiering, confusion around points, and lengthy earn-to-redeem rates, meaning a programme has very little value from the off.

At Propello, we have reengineered transactional loyalty and believe that any loyalty programme should drive immediate value from sign up, as well as providing clear achievable milestones that drive long term engagement and reward members more frequently.

With fast implementation and easy to understand programmes, you’ll keep your most loyal customers engaged, retain members with targeted rewards and crucially grow your sales.

Key benefits of earn & burn loyalty programmes

Acquire & retain more customers

Win and retain more customers through enhanced value proposition and differentiation. Offer high perceived value privileges, rewards and discounts to create customer gratitude that builds emotional loyalty.

High perceived value

Get a low risk, high reward ROI, with low programme implementation costs that deliver incredibly high value for both your customers and your business alike.   

Customers view these programs as great deals, even though the reward has a higher perceived value than its actual cost. In addition, unspent points help brands to save additional money.

Build emotional loyalty, boost engagement & NPS

With perceived altruism comes a sense of gratitude rather than entitlement, which helps establish a more emotional connection between your brand and your customers. This in turn drives engagement, referrals, reviews and of course more loyal customers.

Easy to budget with a clear ROI

Earn & Burn programs are easily integrated because the rate of reward redemption is limited by the available loyalty currency. Plus, it’s less expensive than a discount system. 


Incentivised customer identification. Since both online and in-store purchases are rewarded, customers are required to identify themselves – either by signing up or by showing their loyalty card.

Rapid go to market & easy to manage

Launch programmes to audiences of any size in weeks rather than months, with fully outsourced management and low risk with the absence of transactional points-based liabilities.

Use cases

Whilst perk-based rewards and benefits programmes are a highly versatile tool for driving customer loyalty, there are certain applications where they have an ideal fit.

  • Subscription, Contract, License & Membership-based businesses
  • Brands and retailers with low purchase frequency but high AOV
  • Brands positioned on exclusivity
  • Brands with multiple service or product tiers
  • Companies focusing on high adoption rate and community building

Success stories

“Using Propello has unlocked huge value for our members, with Premium Plus+ membership subscriptions having reached an all-time high.”

Jake Bird

Head of Marketing
JD Sports Gyms

“By digitising our brand to brand partnerships, Propello has enabled HelloFresh to increase concurrent barter exchange relationships, which has expanded our brand reach by over 500%.”

Louise Branth

Head of Commercial Partnerships

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Whilst earn & burn transactional loyalty programmes are a highly versatile tool for driving incremental spend and customer loyalty, there are other applications that may be a more ideal fit based on your needs.

Partner programmes

With our white label partner marketing platform, simply plug in your own partnership and reward content to enhance value for your customers, generate additional revenue, and grow your business.

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Tiered loyalty programmes

Reward your most engaged customers through special and higher value incentives. With our Dynamic Tiers you can set your customers goals by offering tiered rewards linked to metrics. Give your most valuable customers the very best rewards and incentivise more engagement through levels of more attractive tiers.

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Referral programmes

Turn your biggest advocates into your best sales people by simplifying and incentivising more customer referrals. Automate and access hundreds of big brand incentives, or use your own, and negate the many hurdles of handling referral data with our GDPR compliant referral programmes.

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