Tiered Loyalty Programme

Reward high-engagement customers with special and higher-value incentives through tiered loyalty programmes

With our tiered loyalty programme, you can set goals for your customers by offering tiered rewards linked to metrics. Give your most valuable customers the very best rewards and incentivise more engagement through levels of more attractive tiers.

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Incentivise your customers to drive desirable commercial behaviour

You’re looking for a rewards programme that works for everybody, so you’re already on the right path. However, choosing a one size fits all solution might leave some of your customers craving for more, especially if you deal with a diverse set of buyer personas. Plus, your customers can start experiencing fatigue from getting the same offers all the time,

Your most engaged customers deserve special treatment through special, higher-value incentives. Similarly lower spending customers need an extra push to climb up to the higher tiers. 

Propello Dynamic Tiers provides a continuous journey for users to unlock new and exciting rewards as their stature as a customer grows. This means that somebody at the higher end will be rewarded with perks with added gravitas, which at the same time will incentivise customers in lower tiers to rise through the ranks. 

The tiers will be based on the amount of revenue driven or any other important metrics and dictate what content your customers will see. The Propello always-on content will be accessible for all, however, any prize draws, giveaways will be dependent on a customer’s current tier.

Key benefits of Propello's dynamic tiered loyalty programme

Drive more desirable commercial behaviour

Incentivise your customers to hit higher commercial targets by offering access to higher tiers and more attractive rewards.

Increased added value and relevance

Offer incentives you know your customers will love and be ‘’top of the mind’’ when purchasing decisions are made.

Uplift in revenue

Reward your most loyal customers and incentivise them to spend more with you through unlockable levels of rewards tiers.

Continuous customer engagement

Motivating your customer to engage with your brand by frequently enriching the higher tiers and keeping them at the edge of their seats.

Use cases

Tiered loyalty programmes are customisable to fit the purposes of many types of business models. But for certain applications they are a great match.

  • Subscription, Contract, Licence & Membership based businesses with a view to upsell
  • Brands with multiple service or product tiers
  • Brands with diverse target audiences
  • Companies focusing on community building and brand advocacy
  • Brands focusing on repeated purchases and frequency increase

Success stories

“Using Propello has unlocked huge value for our members, with Premium Plus+ membership subscriptions having reached an all-time high.”

Jake Bird

Head of Marketing
JD Sports Gyms

“By digitising our brand to brand partnerships, Propello has enabled HelloFresh to increase concurrent barter exchange relationships, which has expanded our brand reach by over 500%.”

Louise Branth

Head of Commercial Partnerships

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