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With our perks and reward-driven programmes, you can rapidly launch feature and content-rich customer benefits packages that drive emotional affinity and brand loyalty.

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Rapidly launch feature & content rich customer rewards programmes

In an era where value has never been more scrutinised, modern consumers expect more value than ever before. From subscriptions to supermarkets, financial institutions to fitness facilities, rewards and perks are rapidly becoming an essential component of any organisation’s value proposition.

This in itself creates huge challenges for marketers, not just in scaling and running a programme, but it inevitably means a deviation in attention from marketing a core product or service, resulting in lacklustre acquisition efforts and increased customer churn. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Designed exclusively for mid to enterprise organisations, Propello provides a ‘plug and play’ white label benefits solution, instantly enabling our clients to build out scalable rewards and loyalty programmes with our combined tech and ready enabled reward content.

Scalable with audiences from 1,000 to 1,000,000+ the Propello platform provides huge value at scale providing instant access to rewards and benefits from over 1000 of the biggest brand partners globally, helping you to acquire and retain through a massively enhanced value proposition.

Key benefits of perk and reward based loyalty programmes

Acquire and retain more customers

Differentiate your brand by the offering of exclusive services that are hard to replicate, put them in the spotlight with a perks programme.

Low implementation costs with high perceived value

Benefits such as exclusive services and transaction-related privileges are perceived as valuable, even though they come at a relatively low cost for companies in most cases.

Build emotional loyalty, boost engagement & NPS

Since benefits are granted unconditionally, customers feel indebted rather than entitled. This helps establish an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Making the shopping experience enjoyable promotes the brand, generates awareness, and drives customer acquisition.

Rapid go to market &
easy to manage

Running a perks programme is easy: there is no liability due to the lack of points, while the absence of tier statuses means you are free from long-term commitments.

Use Cases

Whilst perk based rewards and benefits programmes are a highly versatile tool for driving customer loyalty, there are certain applications where they have an ideal fit.

  • Subscription, contract, license & membership based businesses If there is a recurring charge for the service
  • Brands with multiple service or product tiers
  • Brands and retailers with low purchase frequency but high AOV
  • Companies focusing on high adoption rate and community building
  • Brands positioned on exclusivity

Success stories

“Using Propello has unlocked huge value for our members, with Premium Plus+ membership subscriptions having reached an all-time high.”

Jake Bird

Head of Marketing
JD Sports Gyms

“By digitising our brand to brand partnerships, Propello has enabled HelloFresh to increase concurrent barter exchange relationships, which has expanded our brand reach by over 500%.”

Louise Branth

Head of Commercial Partnerships

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